SINTOCHEM is an Italian Company that, since 1985, devoted itself to the productions and commercialisations of special resins suitable for formulation of inks designed for the flexible packaging industry.

SINTOCHEM sells the own resins all over the world, is leader of the Italian market in the field of polyurethanes for flexo e rotogravure inks and offers a complete choice of products with a wide range of properties. These results has been obtained thanks to the elevate quality standards and to the constant attention dedicated to research and development of new tailor made products.


The birth of the global market forced the printing inks industry to bear away from the old local or national territorial conception and to become accustomed to the new internationalisation requirements.

During of the last decades we assisted to a considerable development in the field of the liquids inks, above all in the packaging industry field. SINTOCHEM has chosen to focus the own activity just on such field, playing particular attention to follow the fast developments of the printing technologies with the consequent changes in market conditions and customers’ requirements.

Thanks to a remarkable trend of increase, the inks European market reached in the last years greater amounts of 960.000 tons with a turnover higher than three billion Euro even if currently the ink producers in Europe aren’t as numerous as in the varnishes’ field. Until the last ‘60s were customarily formulated polyamides-based inks in order to guarantee a good adhesion on polyolefin substrates. Using these resins involved some problems such as: residual odour, low thermo-resistance and tendency to tixotropy; the last trouble was frequently avoided adding a small amount of an aromatic solvent (typically toluene).

At the beginning of the ‘70s an important American company patented and produced some flexography inks based on nitrocellulose modified with polyurethane. The excellent ink’s adhesion on polyolefin supports was assured through the addition of a small amount of adhesion promoter at the moment of use. Still now this technology is largely used for the production of inks destined to the packaging industry.

The SINTOPOL® are the polyurethane resins at the base of this technology, renewed and reviewed during the years in adaptation to the requirements of the market.