SINTOCHEM s.r.l. via C.Romani,1/11  I-20091 BRESSO(MILAN) - ITALY  Tel.:+39 02 6103166 Fax:+39 02 6105708 
SINTOCHEM is an Italian Company that, since 1985, devoted itself to the productions and commercialisations of special resins suitable for formulation of inks designed for the flexible packaging industry.  
Nowadays SINTOCHEM sells the own resins all over the world, is leader of the Italian market in the field of polyurethanes for inks and offers a complete choice of products with a wide range of properties.  
These results has been obtained thanks to the elevate quality standards and to the constant attention dedicated to research and development of new products.  
The SINTOPOLs are non-reactive, flexible resins, apt to the formulation of inks for the modern printing technologies, flexography and rotogravure and functional over various printing supports. 
Moreover, the SINTOPOLs are characterized by good solubility and fast solvent release, excellent cohesion and efficient adhesion over various plastic films.  
Via Carolina Romani, 1/11 
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Fax: ++39 026105708 
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